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About the Owner...

Nikki Doodles, aka Doodles Cut & Paste, was launched in 1999 by Gracia (Davis) Mason. Gracia has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Western Michigan University.

For decades, Gracia experienced the restless nights caused by her hot feet. She tried everything to relieve the hot sensation that consumed her feet every night, from Noxzema cream to dunking her feet in ice cold water but they were all only temporary relief. 

After consulting with her doctor, she realized that she was not the only one with hot feet! She discovered that others were also suffering from hot or burning feet and the doctors could only scratch their heads! From that point on she made it her mission to come up with something that will not only help her own poor feet but others that are also suffering from hot or burning feet!

After thorough research, Gracia came up with the innovative product that will solve the discomforts of hot or burning feet. She knew that the product needed to be effective as well as attractive - thus the Feet Cooler mat was born. "The size and flexibility of the mats allows us to stretch and move about the bed and it also allows us to control its effectiveness on the parts of the feet and legs that requires more attention," she said.

Gracia can guarantee that it will stay cool all throughout the night allowing you to experience the cool relief as you drift into sleep or just need to cool off for hours at a time. Why not give it a try?

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